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Plans for the Rustic Bee House

​Several people have asked for plans for making a bee house. Click here for the plans for making the Rustic Bee House.

We use pine boards for our mason bee houses. You will need eight-foot-long boards, six inches and ten inches wide. Look for the straightest boards with the fewest knots.

(Six-inch boards are actually 5 1/2” wide. Ten-inch boards are actually 9 1/4” wide.)

The pieces are held together with 1-5/8-inch self-tapping T-20 star drive screws.

Cut two pieces from the 10” x 8’ board and five pieces from the 6” x 8’ board. The ten-inch boards are used for the sides and six-inch boards for the top, bottom and back. One 6” x 8’ board will supply three houses. One 10” x 8’ board will make pieces for five houses.

Rustic Bee House