Early Spring Bee on Oregon Grape Flower

Native Plants for Pollinators: Helpful Guides and Reference

Planning updates to your garden to support pollinators?  Start with these general guidelines:

  • Use a combination of Trees - ShrubsPlants - Bulbs
  • Plant for all seasons – Use a variety of flower shapes, colors & sizes.  Pollinators have seasons too!
  • Plant clusters with 3, 5, 7 or more plants – pleasing to the eye and less work for bees.

Here are some very helpful article links and reference websites:

Native Plant Picks for Bees 
(OSU Extension Publication EM 9363)
10 Species you Can Grow to Support Wild Bees in Oregon.  Many links to research based articles and information to enable great planting choices.
Enhancing Urban & Suburban Landscapes to Protect Pollinators 
(OSU Extension Publication EM 9289).  Great information & helpful plant lists.
The Oregon Flora Guide
Wonderful resource to explore - plants by size, native, flower color, bloom time, water, bees, sun/shade & more
Shrubs and Trees for Bees
(OSU Extension Publication EM 9391)

Don’t forget trees and shrubs as sources of pollen and nectar.    https://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/pub/em-9391-shrubs-trees-bees

Gardening with Oregon Native Plants West of the Cascades 
(OSU Extension Publication EC 1577)

Plant keys for light, moisture needs, wildlife value with pictures and plant sizes. https://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/pub/ec-1577-gardening-oregon-native-plants-west-cascades

Xerces Society — Native Plants for Pollinators and Beneficial Insects: Maritime Northwest Region
Nurturing Mason Bees in Your Backyard in Western Oregon 
Selecting Native Plants for your Home Landscape in Central Oregon
(OSU Extension Publication EC 1623)
Encouraging Beneficial Insects in Your Garden 
(OSU Extension Publication PNW 550)
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