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October 19, 2020

  •  Invasive insect spotted in Corvallis
  •  True facts about the Asian Giant Hornet

Pest Alert: Spotted lanternfly
(Lycorma delicatula)

Photo Credit Walthery,  via Wikimedia Commons

An invasive insect species specimen was discovered in a shipment of planters and pots, delivered at a Corvallis nursery. The shipment came from Pennsylvania, where the insect was first found in the US in 2014. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has detailed information on the species, which is a threat to fruit and nut trees and grape vines.

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Be on the watch, and report to your local Extension office or the Oregon Department of Agriculture if you find one.

Pest Alert: Asian giant hornet
(Vespa mandarinia)

Photo Credit NUMBER7isBEST, via Wikimedia Commons

The media has had a field day with this invasive species, which has been spotted in the northwest corner of Washington State. But are these “Murder Hornets” truly the threat to humans that it seems? OSU Extension Catalog has a publication with the science, and nothing but the science.

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